Transition From Amazon to Owning an E-commerce Brand

Double or Triple Your Current Revenue Using Omirank’s Future Proof Product Formula

Kickstarter Product Launch

Product Validation

Own E-commerce Store Build-up

93% of Amazon sellers reported a loss in revenue while Amazon's net profit increased by 22% last year.

Most startup sellers fail because there is no demand for their products in the market. The failure rate of new products varies between 40% and 95% depending on who you ask. Failure can be very expensive, especially if you have recruited staff. 

Omirank Agency has everything you need to launch your e-commerce brand and achieve your six-figure revenue goal in only three to six months!

  • Fund your project using CROWDFUNDING
  • PRODUCT VALIDATION across multiple media advertising platforms to ensure product marketability.
  • BUILD A BRAND that is completely independent of Amazon and with a real engaging community that is nurtured and ready to be monetized.

We are EXPERTS! Using Omirank’s Future Proof Product Formula, you can build your e-commerce store less expensively, and we will guide you all the way through!

OMIRANK is a full-service agency. It was founded by Kenneth. He is an advanced digital marketer who started selling products way back in 2014 on eBay. He stumbled across white labeling in 2015 and started launching 2 products a month on Amazon. Then he sold his Multi-7-figure brand for 3-times multiple after ranking in the top 10 sellers of Amazon UK. 
Kenneth founded Omirank in 2019 with the purpose of offering a unique opportunity to his co-sellers to start their e-commerce businesses or bands from A to Z using as little money as possible by utilizing the power of crowdfunding.
Omirank will launch your product starting on Kickstarter. After which, the product will be validated by doing AB testing across multiple media advertising platforms that include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Native Ads, and so on. The team will help you adjust the product market fit by prototyping and receiving feedback by using a formulated funnel strategy. Then you will get a brand that is completely independent with a real engaging community that is nurtured and ready to be monetized. 

It’s time to finally generate your e-commerce revenue!

Be part of the Agency

Comfortably watch your generated sales at home

Enjoy your REVENUES

  Here’s What Our Clients Tell About Omirank Crowd funding Agency

These guys are the absolute best in the business. If you are serious about bringing your idea to market, these guys will help you crush it. 

Steve Smith / CEO - Neck Hammock

My sales increased by 400% in the first 6-7 months. As a result I have been able to manage my time better. 

Mark Martin / CEO/Founder - DIA

Omirank was professional, strategic, and thorough. They helped us optimize our ad spend and drive tangible results.

Alexandra Rockwood/ Manager - Arqlite

It's been a great experience for us. We hit the ground running and we have seen a great uptake in sales. 

Serena Gilles / Founder - Aero Collective


In Omirank, we’re hand in hand in making your e-commerce business work.

Still have questions?

We've got the answers.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a little understood and under-utilized e-commerce strategy that allows entrepreneurs to launch their product and get pre-orders and cash before spending any money on inventory. The most well known crowdfunding platforms are Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Is crowdfunding for me?

Although crowdfunding is for anything and everyone, we truly believe it’s for entrepreneurs who are motivated to build & grow their ecom or physical products business to create a long term sustainable business that they’re passionate about.

What products can I crowdfund?

You can crowdfund pretty much anything! Anything from travel accessories, home and kitchen products, clothing and apparel, toys, health and beauty products, gadgets, sports and adventure gear, hot sauce, and more... you name it! The only requirement is that you should be able to show proof of a working prototype.

Do you offer any guarantees?

Yes, simply put, if you qualify & after the initial testing phase, we don't make you any money then you don't pay us a penny.

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